Jac Evans
April 18, 2024

Bountycaster announces 'Jobs' in partnership with Hirechain

Bountycaster has added 'Jobs' to their Farcaster native, directory of bounties and services. Users can now find Hirechain jobs on Bountycaster and BountyBot.

What is Bountycaster?

Bountycaster enables Farcaster users to post and discover bounties or services. Bountycaster works with any Farcaster client. They use BountyBot to periodically post bounties for a wide variety of projects and tasks on Farcaster where users can find and complete them in order to earn the bounty. - Bountycaster

Now supporting Jobs from Hirechain

Bountycaster have now added a 'Jobs' section to their Directory which displays live jobs from Hirechain. The partnership allows them to display and keep an up to date list of crypto jobs.