For Referrers

Monetise your most valuable asset, your network

Refer talent from your network or community to jobs on Hirechain. Get paid if your candidate is interviewed or hired.

How it Works

Its simple, refer talent and earn

Now anyone, anywhere can refer talent from their network or community and get paid bounties varying from $5k-$50k.

Browse jobs from leading crypto and web3 companies

Hirechain agrees hiring criteria and bounties for all jobs allowing you to focus on finding great candidates.

Refer candidates directly or share with your community

Whether you're a recruiter, creator or community you can refer talent and earn on Hirechain.

Earn if your candidate is interviewed or hired

Do you know the perfect candidate for the job? Refer them to secure a share of the bounty.

Hirers include:
Get Started

Ready to start referring and earning bounties?

Request access to Hirechain's referrer network to start referring candidates and earning bounties.

Do I need a background in recruitment?

No. Anyone can become a referrer on Hirechain. Whether you’re a recruiter making referrals all day or a professional with a particuarly strong network, you can refer and earn.

Why hasn't my account been approved?

We onboard referrers in batches to meet hiring demand. We are working to improve this process.

Who should I refer?

You should refer professionals from your network. Only refer people who have the skills and interests to perform well in the role.

Do I only get paid if I refer the successful candidate?

Other recruiting platforms only pay for successful candidates. We pay you for each candidate you refer who interviews for the role. If your candidate does get the role, you receive the biggest share of the bounty.

How can I see if my referral is successful?

Your Dashboard shows you the status of each referral and helps you keep track of bounties.

When do I get paid?

The placement bounty is paid out in 3 installments, typically 35, 65 and 95 days after the candidate starts. We are working on instant payments and expect them to be ready in Q2 2024.

For Referrers

Refer talent from your network or community. Get paid for every candidate who interviews, or gets hired.