Jac Evans
November 10, 2023

Hirechain attends Coinbase Ventures Summit 2023

Hirechain attended Coinbase Ventures inaugural Summit; a meetup for aspiring crypto founders to spend time with Brian Armstrong and others to brainstorm, debate, and discuss ideas to advance the space.

What is the Coinbase Ventures Summit? 

Coinbase Ventures invests in exceptional founders who share Coinbase’s mission of creating more economic freedom for the world. They have invested in hundreds of teams building everything from layer 1 protocols, Web3 infrastructure, centralized on-ramps, decentralized finance, NFTs, metaverse technologies, developer tooling, and more.

We strive to be strategic partners for founders and take a collaborative approach to investing. We support founders through operational experience, distribution, strategic partnerships, and more - Coinbase Ventures

How were you invited?

Back in August, Brian Armstrong announced the Coinbase Ventures Summit with a blog called 'Request for Builders: Startups I Would Build Today'. Two of the startups Brian described in this post - a job marketplace and onchain reputation - relate closely to what we're building at Hirechain. So we applied and fortunately got the invite a few weeks later.

How was the Summit?

The Summit was spread over 2 days in Malibu, CA, and a variety of topics were covered - from flat coins, to p2p onramps and onchain reputation. 20-30 founders from a variety of startups attended and the agenda included pitching your startup and then multiple breakouts for discussion. You can watch some clips of the event below.

What's next? 

We're in discussions with Coinbase and others regarding some exciting partnership opportunities. Stay tuned for updates.

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