Tristan Adlington
April 8, 2024

Hirechain launches Hirecaster

Meet Hirecaster, a mini app which lets candidates apply for jobs through frames on Farcaster

What is Farcaster?

"Founded by Coinbase alums Dan Romero and Varun Srinivasan in 2020, Farcaster is a social media protocol built on Optimism, the Ethereum scaling network. On top of the public and decentralized Farcaster ecosystem, users can create (and have created) a slew of integrated apps that perform various social media functions." - Decrypt

What are Frames?

Launched on January 26, Frames are a new Farcaster feature that allows users to perform a suite of functions, both on-chain and off-chain, within Farcaster apps—without exiting to a third party.

Meet Hirecaster

If you check out our Teams page you'll notice most of us are Farcaster fans. So when Frames were announced, we couldn't resist seeing how we could use them to create a one click application experience. The result is Hirecaster. Once hirers have created their job, they can share a link on Farcaster which is also a frame. The frame allows Farcaster users to apply for a job with one click if they have previously set up their profile. Setting up their profile includes connecting their LinkedIn and Github.

Link to cast →

What's next?

Since proving the concept we have been exploring integrating what we built using frames into Hirechain. This would allow both hirers and referrers to create and share frames for jobs and get applications from users on Hirechain.